Prizes for teachers
Participant badge
Will be awarded to all teachers for publishing their first recipe with #academy

The E-Cooking Encyclopaedia
E-cooking encyclopedia will contain useful articles on the most current culinary topics.

  • Academy Teacher's Certificate of Appreciation
  • Personal e-book - your own personal cookery training course
  • Academy Cookpad teacher name sticker avatar

All teachers receive for 14 days of continuous recipe publishing.

Additional title

Will be awarded to the teacher who publishes the most recipes during the whole competition period.

Honorary title " National teacher".

The teacher will receive the title of "National Teacher" for the recipes with the highest number of cooksnaps.

The teacher's recipes will be posted on the website of the Сookpad Culinary Academy project.
Prizes for students
Participant badge

All students for posting their first cooksnap with #academy.

  • Academy certificate of graduation
  • E-book of favourite teacher's recipes

All students will receive them for publishing a minimum of 14 cooksnaps of teacher recipes from #academy.

  • Extra title of "Academic Honor"
  • Gold, silver, bronze medal
Will be awarded to those students who post the highest number of cooksnaps over the entire competition period.

The opportunity to become a teacher at Cookpad Photo School

Students who post the most beautiful photos will be invited to Cookpad Photo School as a teacher.